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Division Standings

Current as of 5/22/18 - Week 15/18

(1) Hailey's Comet: 46

(2) Yale: 44

(3) Those Guy's: 41

(4) Eight To The Bar: 35

(5) The Good, The Bad: 34

(5) New Team: 34

(6) Hugo's Mix: 33

(6) On Cue: 33

Top Rank Winning Percentage (as of 5/21/18) 

(2) Mark Haynes - 88%

(1) Lucas Verner - 83%

(3) Miguel Perez - 78%

(4) Orlando Pacheco - 75%

Schedule for 5/29/2018

Week 16/18

(Team listed first is the home team for the match)

On Cue vs. Hailey's Comet @ US1 Billiards

Those Guy's vs. The Good, The Bad @ US1 Billiards

New Team vs. Hugo's Mix @ US1 Billiards

Eight To The Bar vs. Yale @ Towne Billiards

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